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I think it is pretty straight forward

Plinky asked me to craft an excuse. I think this is an interesting take. It isn't geared to is just my usual default excuse with a twist

What is there to explain? Whether you are my friend, boyfriend or acquaintance, I'm an upfront person. You know exactly what you were getting into with me. I work full time, run a business and then work another part time job. What you see is what you get. I will be honest with you as long as you are honest with me. Really my eyes tell you exactly what I am thinking every time. Really, it isn't that hard to understand. If I ignore you or don't text you back there are four reasons:

1) I'm busy. There are days I am going non-stop from 6 am-3am.

2) You broke one of the rules. Again, I am very straight forward and clear about my boundaries. Once you have hurt me or betrayed my trust it is hard to win it back.

3) Maybe I just need some down time...yeah it occasionally happens

4) I'm sleeping...and seriously if you are cal…