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If I had $1,000 just for me...

Well this is a tough one. I would probably spend most of it new clothes. I would mostly buy work clothes for my full time job. I need to update my look at work at bit, and this would give me that opportunity.

I would probably also pick up a few items just for fun. Maybe a new pair of jeans and some fun shirts. I'm not overly trendy, but I like having clothes that look good and make me feel like a normal person. Sometimes I forget what that is like. I so rarely get treated like a girl I get bogged down by how much that feeling hurts. Dressing cute helps me overcome some of that.

If there was anything left, I would buy Beaker, Batty and Abby a bigger cage. Plus I'd through in some new toys for good measure for all the fids.

Things you need to know about parront

Dogs and cats do not talk back. Birds do.
Don't be fooled, that parakeet *will* steal that carrot off your plate
Birds are like kids. As soon as you get on your phone, it is time to be loud and obnoxious
Not only can they spit their food at you when they are mad or want attention, they also have amazing aim.
While your cockatiel may be three times bigger than your parakeet, the cockatiel will rarely stand up for itself.
Yes, parakeets are little bullies that oppress bigger parrots.
Even at 19 years old, cockatiels can still become needy and scream like a little girl when you leave the room.
Don't buy uber expensive toys. All toys will eventually be destroyed…it is only a matter of time.
Each of your birds will have a different personality…enjoy the diversity
Addendum to #9: Birds also have their own personal music tastes. I am lucky all 6 of mine like Guster and The Cure…and for some reason my singing.
Yeah…television shows and movies are the same. We cannot watch JAWS or and of the C…