Things you need to know about parront

  1. Dogs and cats do not talk back. Birds do.
  2. Don't be fooled, that parakeet *will* steal that carrot off your plate
  3. Birds are like kids. As soon as you get on your phone, it is time to be loud and obnoxious
  4. Not only can they spit their food at you when they are mad or want attention, they also have amazing aim.
  5. While your cockatiel may be three times bigger than your parakeet, the cockatiel will rarely stand up for itself.
  6. Yes, parakeets are little bullies that oppress bigger parrots.
  7. Even at 19 years old, cockatiels can still become needy and scream like a little girl when you leave the room.
  8. Don't buy uber expensive toys. All toys will eventually be destroyed…it is only a matter of time.
  9. Each of your birds will have a different personality…enjoy the diversity
  10. Addendum to #9: Birds also have their own personal music tastes. I am lucky all 6 of mine like Guster and The Cure…and for some reason my singing.
  11. Yeah…television shows and movies are the same. We cannot watch JAWS or and of the Children of the Corn movies. The Disney Channel is apparently birdie Satan. However, Chuck and Heroes are winners…so is the history channel.
  12. Birds are all about routine. They are VERY unpleased when you break that routine. It took quite some time to get my fids used to sleeping in on weekends. When my work schedule changed, it stressed them out. Now, I don't so the same things every single day. However, they are familiar with the weekly schedule.
  13. Maybe it is just my birds, but it doesn't matter if you are just gone overnight or for a week. The cold shoulder is the same.
  14. Parakeets can kick
  15. If you even suspect they might like what you are eating, do not leave it unattended
  16. The same goes for whatever you are drinking. There is nothing like seeing your white parakeet eye your glass of red wine.
  17. Always maintain your status as alpha bird. That way when you eat, they eat. When you nap, they nap. This makes life much easier. This is even more true when you are sick. Some how mine can always tell and they seem to behave more when I am under the weather.
  18. When you buy a new toy, do not be hurt when they do not immediately take to it. Sometimes it takes them a few days to warm to a new item.
  19. If you must road trip, at least one bird will find something that is the equivalent of kicking the back of your seat and asking "are we there yet?" In an ice storm, with badly prepared roads, when your are on hour four of nine (of what should have been a three hour trip) there is nothing like your 18 year old cockatiel in the back seat saying "uh-oh! Pretty Bird," over and over again.
  20. Always remember…even if your birds are not cuddly, you are the alpha bird/parront. They depend on you for care. They miss you when you are gone. Give them the attention and love they deserve.


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