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I really must have kicked puppies in a former life Current mood: crazy

Holy geez....this week might just push me to get over beveraged....seriously. There has been waaaaaaaaay too much drama headed my way, and most of it is not my own.
Between all this CAAP test evilness (a standardized outcomes test required for all potential graduates), my boss not being around much (resulting in not having anyone of a classification with the authority to make certain decisions), the NACADA training (academic adivising training...not that I am paid to advise, but I do it anyway) irate student #1 who I had to call security on, irate student #2 that made my part time employee cry and then since my boss wasn't there I had to go to the Dean and deal with the issue, and other people in my life just being a little weird as of late (jeneral apology: if I pissed you off I'm sorry). When I'm trying to figure out ways to just be happy with being me (and not hating me as much instead of hating m…