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30 Day Challenge Day 5: A song that describes your mood

Ugh...another tough one. Well usually not. Typically the song stuck in my head is somehow tied to my mood, but that isn't the case today (Pink's *aka the original version she co-wrote and recorded for her 5th album  but didn't make the final cut and is on her greatest hits album...not Adam Lambert* of Whataya Want From Me is just catchy). Plus I'm just in a weird mood, so this doesn't help.

I'm a little sad (and this song is the last song that made me burst into tears)
Pink: Who Knew
I'm feeling kind of conflicted...about a lot of things
Garbage: I think I'm Paranoid

Guster: Either Way
and a little silly

Brian singing Total tone classic

so there you have it. It is sort of a weird mood today, but it could be much worse :-)30