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It is going to be a long quarter

Being in grad school has been challenging. So far I've been been successful. It has been quite a bit of work.  It has meant late nights, a few all nighters, and giving up time with my family.

Has it been worth it: Yes.

This quarter is my first Community College intensive course. The instructor is tough but fair. That being said this quarter is a whole new ball game. How she grades is tougher than past instructors, but she gives good and honest feedback. Really that is what  I need.

It is going to take a whole new level of dedication to get through this. I'm not exactly sure how I will make it work (just yet), but I know I will figure it out. This degree is a pretty big milestone for me. I want to go it right.

I know it is going to get tough. I know I will have to put in the time and effort to make it all work. I made a choice to go after my goals and dreams, I can't get scared now. It is time to buckle down and get focused.