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Even on the tough days


1) I had a vendor send me a invoice, for bills we had already paid. The invoice was printed and then not mailed  for 2 weeks...this is after months of  billing  issues.

2) The life insurance people who have been running me through the ringer sent me something via fed ex. I drove in the rain to pick it up and find out it is something they could have just told me over the

3) The trip to fed ex effed up my evening plans.

4) things just didn't feel right


1) still feeling off

2) my evening plans changed because of the wind and snow...and my crappy night vision. I really don't want to wait until tomorrow to run my errands (it will cost me more for laundry and it will be harder for me to get stuff to and from the car, and I had maybe hoped that I could do something fun tomorrow).

Am I frustrated? Yes.

However, I have to keep focused on the good things. The things that make me smile. The things I look forward to. The people who make my  world a better pl…