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The New Apartment: Day Three

It has been a crazy weekend.
Friday was moving day. It went really well despite 2 issues:
1) My phone decided to NOT send a few very important people who were supposed to help us. Or if messages were sent, it was well after the fact. I will be getting a new phone this week. 2) During our inspection, the leasing manager noticed that our lock was tight. She put in a work order to have it looked at. While we were at my old apartment loading the truck, they totally replaced the lock. This made our keys useless. When we returned there was a note on the door saying we could get our keys at the office. The Problem: The Leasing Manager wasn't there. Mark waited over an hour for her to return.  Meanwhile I was sitting outside our apartment *with the birds in a carrier.*  I am not sure where she went for over an hour, or why she didn't do anything when she knew we would be returning and would need keys.  If she was going to "step out" she should have at least cal…