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When my world is getting out of control, there are only two things in this world that make me feel better. One is watching a cheesy movie I should almost be ashamed to admit I would ever watch. I have a handful of them, and they make me laugh every time. The other...and the more effective method is writing.
Have desk, will write I sit down with a notebook and pen or with a laptop and just write. I write about what I am feeling sometimes. It can be journaling that will become part of a fiction piece. Sometimes just blogging about it helps. Other times I just research what is bothering me, and then blog about it once I have a better idea of what the big picture looks like.

Writing helps me relax, think things out and understand what is stressing me out.

Bucky's is a great people-watching spot

I love to people watch. I have so many places I like to sit back and enjoy the show. Some places are little gems I found while on vacation. Other places are in my own back yard. Some places are even on a cruise ship...and while this one isn't my all time favorite, but it is the one I go to most frequently. Bucky's is one of those places that was just a big mix of different types of people. It is a meeting place for social drinkers, regulars,rednecks, poker players, karaoke junkies, suburbanites who think they are ghetto thugs, blue collar workers, white collar workers, pot heads, cougars, drama queens...and even people like me.

Bucky's used to be Bobby Brennan's, and we had weekly karaoke shows there. I enjoyed watching people from all these different walks of live interact with each other. I gleamed a great deal of writing material from observing at our shows.

Bobby's closed, and a few months later Bucky's opened in its place. I was afraid the new owners would…