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Odd Timing

I was going to write a different blog today...but some news changed that.

I am doing Relay for Life again this year with Mark's family. Last year I bought Luminarias in memory of my Papaw and in Honor of my Uncle and Godmother. I was going to do it again, but I kept forgetting. Oh, I will do that tomorrow, and then the day would go by and they still were not purchased.

Today, I promised myself it would get done. Today I found out I have one more to buy. Today I found out my friend Laura has breast cancer.

Laura and I are unlikely friends. We grew up in the same town, but we were in very different social circles. She (and her friends) probably thought I was quiet and a bit strange. I thought she and her friends were loud and a bit stuck up (in retrospect some of that was jealousy on my part. They were skinny and popular, I was neither). Bottom line: we were both too busy being stupid teenagers to actually get to know each other. The Christmas after Mom died, Laura reached out …