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Saying Good-Bye

In less than three weeks, I will be saying good bye to my apartment and to living alone.
It will no longer just be my space. It will be shared. It will be time to say good bye to old habits. It will be time to make the transition from a place I live to a home...a real home I can be proud of.
It also has meant saying good bye to things I have kept out of guilt and sentimental feelings. These are things that are acceptable for parents to keep of their children, but who keeps them once the parents are gone?
Most importantly, it is saying good bye to my old life and saying hello to my future. Almost 2 years ago, my life fell apart. I went from looking at houses and thinking about grad school to wondering how we were going to survive this. Now I am  looking forward to a new happy life. There will be challenges. It won't always be perfect.  However, it is new start. It gives me hope that things are continuing to turn around.