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Best Laid Plans

I sat down and crafted a list of blog topics last night, and the plan was start working through that list tonight. It was going to be the start of a true reboot of this old thing.

While I had planned on picking my stepdaughter up at the Boys and Girls Club after work I didn't plan on:
1) The amazon parrot needing me to make a food stop on the way home
2) My stepdaugher wanting me to watch her practice for color guard
3) That working on our budget would take nearly as long as it did.
4) Being this exhausted for no particular reason

Now I sit here with a basset hound in my lap, and I am awkwardly trying to type on my laptop without disturbing him.

This won't  be the blog I wanted to write tonight. It won't  be carefully crafted. That blog post will have to wait.

Sometimes  you have to roll with the unexpected.
Sometime you have to focus on what is really important. That means acknowledging that you have to make sure your priorities are in check.
Sometimes you have to concede…