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New Project? Maybe?

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Over the past few months, I keep joking that I'm going to write a book about all the things I've learned. There wasn't really any guide for me to go by. In less than 48 hours my siblings and I had to deal with:
1) The death of one parent
2) The possible death of another parent
3) The health and well being of still currently alive parent
4) Funeral Arrangements
5) The Nosy media
6) Finding a will
7) Finding anything in the disorganized messes of 2 houses
8) How we are going to pay for dad's care
9) Surprise: You are a homeowner!
10) P.S. The money in the trust is yours too.
11) Parents' finances: Holy Hot Mess Batman
12) Oh and BTW, you have lawyers...2 of them
13) So...we have a parsonage to move out of
14) Where is Amy going to live?
15) forgot to call the insurance people about mom's car (who was she insured with again?)
16) Oh and your house is totally full of stuff..…