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An Exciting Weekend

Yes folks: This weekend Kelsey Officially Becomes a Hammitt.

This of course has unofficially on the books for over a year. I met Kelsey on May 30, 2010. My mom and dad had a cookout at the parsonage. My sister had broken the sink, so Mom and I had to use the church's kitchen to make the potato salad. Adam, Amy and Mom were all sharing the CRV. Things were a little crazy, but we were taking the time to get the family together and enjoy the holiday weekend. Kelsey seemed nice, and I looked forward to getting to know her better.A week later she was sitting with us in that maternity suite at Bay Park (they do not use their maternity ward, so they had us staying there after the tornado). She stayed with us all night.  She was there for support when we told Dad about Mom. She was there for us when our lives were a mess. Not just anyone would have stuck around.

That alone made her family.

 She has been "one of us" in our hearts for over a year, but now Adam and Kelsey are makin…