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We Need a Bigger Place

I love my apartment. The location is perfect. There is shopping, grocery, pharmacy, restaurants, bands and the post office are withing walking distance. The rent is decent. Management takes good care of the property. I work full time downtown, but I work and my friends live in the north suburbs. My apartment is almost perfectly centered between the two. I love my furniture layout and the little touches that make it mine. Still, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we had a little more room.
We need more space. Okay I need more space. The birds really only roam in a small area. We have out grown our one bedroom apartment. Well we haven't out grown it as of now, but we are at that point. I need a place for family to and friends to stay while they are in town, I need more storage space. The biggest need is an office. Right now I am running a business from my love seat. It is super comfortable, but not ideal. I want a kitchen that is bigger than a glorified hallway. I want to…

If it is broken...I probably can't fix it

I should not be allowed around tools. I'm okay with basic things. I can fix minor things, unclog a vacuum cleaner, assemble easy to assemble furniture (in that regards I am a step ahead of my mother...lets just say my computer desk assembly took much longer than it ever should have.). Outside of that I should not allowed to be build or install anything. If something major breaks, I will only make it worse. If you need someone to write a scholarly journal on the effects of violence in media...I'm your girl. If need a water heater fixed or a tree house built, let me no where near the scene.Let's just say I passed Industrial Arts in junior high only because the teacher felt sorry for me. I'm not saying that to be hard on myself...really you should have seen the atrocities I somewhat built.

The only exception would be audio equipment. I can put that together, fix broken cords, and install sound systems. I can fix speakers and monitor the output on a soundboard like a …

I prefer my news from a URL

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a journalist. I had dreams of my work being in print an working my way up at one of the big newspapers. Now I am just shy of 30, and newspapers are on the endangered species list. I'm grateful to the Eastern Echo. Their negative press about the Marching Band (yes I know I'm lame...but the misinformation they printed made me mad),and the horribly insensitive article they wrote after one of our saxophone players died on his way to the Homecoming Game made me walk away from print news media.

I had my employment card filled out, and I was all ready to work for them. I had even been by the office a few times to see if they had any stories I was interested in. Their biased and unprofessional article made me walk away. Instead I found new life in electronic media. Now, electronic media is how I prefer to get my news.
I spend most of my day in front of a computer. When the TV is on, it is mainly for background noise. I have a few select show…