If it is broken...I probably can't fix it

I should not be allowed around tools. I'm okay with basic things. I can fix minor things, unclog a vacuum cleaner, assemble easy to assemble furniture (in that regards I am a step ahead of my mother...lets just say my computer desk assembly took much longer than it ever should have.). Outside of that I should not allowed to be build or install anything. If something major breaks, I will only make it worse. If you need someone to write a scholarly journal on the effects of violence in media...I'm your girl. If need a water heater fixed or a tree house built, let me no where near the scene.Let's just say I passed Industrial Arts in junior high only because the teacher felt sorry for me. I'm not saying that to be hard on myself...really you should have seen the atrocities I somewhat built.

The only exception would be audio equipment. I can put that together, fix broken cords, and install sound systems. I can fix speakers and monitor the output on a soundboard like a pro. I've fixed stressed XLR cords in a US Aircraft Carrier state room, and completely freaked out our Chaplin host in the process. I've re-wired massive sound systems wearing sequined flip flops. I rock at audio and audio set up. Outside of that, and minor around the house fixes, I should be banned from tools.

In my defense, no one in my immediate family is all that handy either. I remember large amounts of muttering (and probably cursing) involved when there was assembly required on toys. As I mentioned, mom didn't do so well in putting together the computer desk. Popcorn (my oldest bird) actually learned the work Ut-Oh from watching my sister put together an entertainment stand two Christmases ago. I don't have an exact example for my brother, but he has the same affliction. We aren't exactly people you want working on your house.


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