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What can my living room tell you

My apartment is tiny. It may be a shoe box, but it is all mine. I used to think my bedroom was my favorite room. It is my sanctuary and the only place I can be totally alone. However, the place where I spend most of my time and really captures me is my living room.
When I moved into this apartment, I had an exact idea of how I wanted it laid out. I hated my living room in my old apartment, and I wanted an extreme change. I wanted it to be more open and inviting.

My couch and love seat are ugly hand me downs, but they work. The love seat is actually really comfortable. I do most of my work from home sitting there. That isn't what make it my favorite room. it is the other things that make it special. First, it is where I keep my birds. These little guys are like my kids. I love having them out while I am home. I keep them in the living room because parakeets and cockatiels are very social birds. They like being in high traffic areas. I am the alpha bird of their flock! While they…

Pondering: Immediate Revenue vs a Big Pay Off later

Right now I am putting together a list of pros and cons for an upcoming Culturefeast blog. I know one of the things I struggle with it deciding what gets my attention: My day to day writing or my fiction writing.

Fiction writing was my first passion, but I am becoming quite a fan of the blogging, articles, How to Guides and other content I produce. The issue is mainly a money one. Most of the blogs/articles/content I write, is paid. Not all of it is, but most of is at least has a pay per page view. Regardless of if it pays, it is helping me create a positive presence online. That is my main goal. I want to create content that gets people's attention and build my business from there. This of course takes time to plan, write and promote my work. This takes away from my time to work on my fiction projects.
The Bottom Line: The online content is generating revenue and interest now. The Fiction work has the potential to generate revenue and interest in the future. I'm trying to ou…

My Writing Soundtrack

When I was writing both my novel, I had a playlist I listened to every night. They were songs that reminded me of a character or part of the story, and songs that kept me motivated. I was inspired to so this by the movie “Garden State.” The soundtrack was just so perfect, it made me wonder if my novel had a soundtrack, what would it be?

I started making a play list on my I-POD, and pretty soon my list was well over twenty songs. As I kept writing, the list kept growing. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was constantly finding new meaning and inspiration. I honestly do not think I could have finished it without that little bit of help from my “soundtrack.”

I wrote most of the novel on my old computer. I had the playlist and the list on a text file. Since then that computer has died (more so imploded). I did manage to get all my important files off that PC, but the list was lost. I can still see it on my IPOD, but it just isn’t the same. The important thing is that I still…