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The Bottom Line

Writing Prompts:1.) Six Word Memoir: Write about a significant time in your life in just six words. 2.) “One need not be a chamber to be haunted, One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place”. -Emily Dickinson What haunts you? 3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes. 4.) What are you passionate about? 5.) Comfort food at its finest. Share a family favorite recipe you loved as a child.
Lets go with #4  Shall We? It has been an interesting ride over the past almost 32 years:
I was a cute baby:

I was an adorable toddler:
I was a child with a bad perm:

Police Radios were just a part of Christmas morning and family dinners :

I had the "coolest car"

I may have vandalized a friend's car with evidence tags and rubber gloves found in aforementioned cool car:

I went to college:
Moved Away and Made New Friends:

I Can't Believe they Are Almost A Year Old!

Popcorn (my 22 year old male cockatiel), and Weddnesday (my 3 year old female cockatiel) decided about 14 months ago to start nesting. Despite all my best efforts to stop this, Weddnesday started laying eggs, all over my apartment. I asked my vet what to do. She told me to get a nest, and let this ride itself out. Popcorn was probably too old to fertilize them any way.
So I bought a nest box:

Weddnesday decided she was over it and abandoned the Popcorn sat on the eggs basically 24/7:

Weddnesday finally did return to the nest, and about 25 days after I bought the nest box, and I thought we were home free, I returned from a karaoke gig and heard an unfamiliar noise coming from the nest box. I poked my head in: I did not have a visual on the baby, but did see half an eggshell. Fantastic. June 3: Happy Hatchday One.
The next night, I returned home from another karaoke show. I looked in the nest box and now there were 2 broken eggs. Awesome. This is NOT what I needed. My dad was in t…