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Guilty Pleasure: Law and Order: Criminal Intent

I am a bit of a TV snob. Most days if the TV is on, it is just for back ground noise. I have very few shows I *must* watch, and even less that would watch for hours on end.

That is why my love for Law and Order Criminal Intent totally confuses me. I know I shouldn't  like the show, but I can't stop watching. It is like Burn Notice: I know it is a crapfest, but as soon as I see Goren and Eames, it is all over.

The producers actually did me a favor when they took Goren and Eames out of the show. When they rotated weeks, I only watched their weeks. After they left the show, I stopped watching (now the rerun marathons on USA still suck me in at times).

Now Goren and Eames are back for one last season, and you know I will be recording every last one of those episodes to watch in shame.

Really, I don't like Goren. I did in the first few seasons, but the crazier and creepier the character became, the more he annoyed me. The character that actually gets me to tune in every week is…