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Figuring Out Balance

I spent most of my week off working on things around the apartment, buying toys, and working myself into the ground. Even when my heart was breaking, I kept it together and kept on a happy face. Getting through the 2 year anniversary of the tornado has been hard. Still, there isn't time to be sad where there are softball games and little ones around.

Every day after work, it seems like all I do is work. Cooking. Laundry. Cleaning. Groceries. Paying Bills. 
I'm a grown up. These are things I should do.The problem is that  I just feel drained. I should feel accomplished, but I just don't feel like I am doing anything (aside from some shopping on Sunday) that is *for me.* It may sound selfish. Hell maybe it is selfish.  I had the better part of the week off work, and I feel worse than I did *before* my vacation. I really want everyone to be happy in our new situation. I work hard to keep the apartment looking nice and our business in order. That satisfaction just isn't en…