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Bring on the ear plugs

There are some songs that are just better when they are played super loud. You can enjoy them at a lower volume, but really they are at their best when you are pushing your speakers to the limit.
Fa Fa by Guster It just is a fun song. It is almost a requirement to crank it up and sing along. If you are driving, seat dancing while safely stopped at red lights may be appropriate as well. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence This song is very powerful. The music is perfect and the lyrics are strong and sharp. Songs like this should not be neglected and played at low volume. If you are trying to sing this song, and your voice isn't 100% healthy and strong, just don't bother. Trust me I tried and it just wasn't worth it. Killing in the name of by Rage Against the Machine Um hello! It is a loud angry song. That alone gives it a place on the amp up to 11 list.