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 Read this months Rain Tiger Feature

Today's theme seems to be my personal space issues. This month's Rain Tiger looks at being to guarded vs being careful.
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Do I Want to Buy a House?

Do I Want to Buy a House?

More on my big question: Am I ready to be a homeowner. It is a pretty good explanation of what is going on in my head.Blogged with the Flock Browser

Stuck in an elevator with My I-POD

I am not a fan of lots of people in really small places. If I have to handle it I will. Like if I am at work and there are tons of people in my shoebox sized office, I just deal with them one person at a time. I prefer to to go by the bubble concept. I like my personal space, and I am not a fan of people (especially people I don't know) invading my space.

There is a long running joke with my friends: Rule #1: Don't touch Jenni. In a way it is true. I'm not a fan of people I do not know and trust in my space. Even if I know and trust you, I'm not all about being in close quarters. There have been nights in the DJ booth where I have had lots of anxiety. There were just too many people in the compact area. I liked all the people in the booth, but there just wasn't enough room.

If I feel stuck or trapped, my anxiety goes up. Being stuck in elevator would already not be ideal. Yes it is annoying, and it is something that I know stresses me out. Having another …