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Nice to meet you

I'm not a huge fan of going in cold. I like to be somewhat appraised of what I am getting into. Yes, I am overly cautious, but past mistakes have made it so I refuse to knowingly put myself in a similar situation.

I'm not sure I have a set of criteria. I know it might be shallow, but finding out a guy lives in his parents basement because he is a stoner and can't keep a decent job, or because he's a constant victim that can't get his act together as opposed to he just had a run of bad luck isn't fun. I just want to know the basics upfront. I need to be able to put my own initial anxiety to rest.

I'm not going to say complete strangers are just out of luck, but I would rather have some information before the initial meeting.

Tales of the oldest child

Like many oldest children I was the experiment. My parents were learning how to parent, and I was their trial run on all their rules and expectations. That just comes with the territory. It is just the way things are in most families.

I think it made me more responsible as an adult. I have a different understanding. I think all oldest children are the experiment. Our parents are learning how to be parents. The oldest children get to be the ones put through trial and error.

I think it made me more responsible. I have a different perspective on money and obligation. I feel like the "mom" of my friends, and like I should always be doing something …