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Coming Full Circle

It is amazing how things seem to pop back into our lives when we think that that era is over.

Mark has gone back to work part time with Order In. Between that and softball season (I can't get to the games after work), I will be home alone quite a bit...and there is only so much cooking and cleaning I can do.

That means a few things:

1) I can get back to my DIY projects
2) This blog will get some much needed love
3) I will be linking this blog and posting photos on Redgage (
4) I will be getting back into photography
5) I will be attempting to rejoin the freelance writing world: First step- The Examiner. I have been accepted as a frugal living writer. I budgeted for one, and then quickly learned how to budget for four. I upcycle and repurpose things. This should be something I can easily write about. I just was accepted today. I am not sure where I am going to start, but I will come up with a game plan.

If I am going to revisit old hobbies, I might as well make …