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Dreams Revisited

It is late registration time, and of course that means my life is crazier than usual. One side effect of this is the return of the weird and disturbing dreams.
So I am working 70 hours a week, and not sleeping.
This is a bad combo.

Even when I do crash and burn (aka Sunday), I still only sleep for short periods of time. That is a major issue at times, but I try to just keep going. I've belabored the why me's of this and the being annoyed. Now I'm just going to run with it. It is time to track and try to make sense of this low grade madness.
These dreams usually involve:
People from my past
A fiction piece I am working on
People I know but totally bizarre situations.
Bad things happening…sometimes tragic sometimes just odd
They are so real I'm disappointed when I wake up.

Seriously, deciding to buy a truck on my way to work, somehow thinking I didn't have to be at work until 1, so I don't call to tell them I am late, and then losing my job isn't nice. Seeing people …

I'm not sick, but I'm not well

The college years will always have a special place in my heart. There were so many good songs from that era, but these bring back the most memories,
Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger When I was in college, they released all these teenish movies the reminded me of my high school. This song was in the Disturbing Behavior soundtrack. The movie was okay, but this song always stuck out. I'll be the first to admit the idea of chipping the popular kids seemed pretty parallel to my high school experience, but the writing was lacking. Still this song is awesome: I've been around the world, and l've been around the world and found only stupid people are breeding....that is a classic line. Little Black Backpack by Stroke 9 This was my song back in the day. I'm not sure of all the reasons anymore, but it just became closely associated with me during college. Maybe it was my temper...or that I may have had a little black back pack...yeah not sure ther…