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I just don't get people

On Monday, I had a less than plesant encounter with a rude and irate woman. She called my number to find out about her Distance Ed test. However, I do not handle distance ed testing. She went on an obscenity laced tirade about how I was lazy and bad at my job.

1) I do not work for Distance Ed Testing
2) I do not have access to the Distance Ed files because they are on the Academic Server and I work for academic advising.
3) If she wants to know when a test is due,it will be in her sylibus.
4) Yeah I feel bad that no one answered the phone up there, but I am pretty sure the hours are listed on the voice mail.
5) Oh yes cussing at me is so going to help. I'm going to most likely hang up on you after i copy your number and give it to my supervisor to issue a complaint against you.

Check out more on this story here. Ughh...people kill me sometimes!