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Why I do Web design and Blog at Karaoke Shows

I work for a DJ/Karaoke company. I update their web site so sometimes I just have to work at a show doing pictures and video, and if I'm already working why not do a blog or two
Um people work in coffee shops that have wi fi, how is a bar different?
I need more hours in a day…I've been known to blog from my phone while actually *running* a show to meet a deadline
They frown on me blogging and writing at my full time job for very obvious reasons. This is something I need to be doing on my own time.
Sometimes writing for hours on end on my couch with moody cockatiels and psychotic parakeets gets a little old. I want to have a little denial that I am a crazy bird lady.
Mo's actually has a little room just off the DJ booth where I can work pretty much undisturbed the whole night.
I've tried to get the birds to run the home business in my absence, but they are just lazy
I seriously get bored way too easily and I start thinking about all the other things I should be doing. This …