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Lessons Learned From My Parents

Have you ever had a lesson that had a dual punch. On one hand, you realize something that isn't so much bad but sobering. On the other hand, it shows that you actually learned something from the past and acted on it (with a positive result?)

That happened yesterday.

The cliche with women is we all become our mothers and we fall in love with someone like our father.

You can hope it really isn't true, but I do suspect that it does happen to a certain degree.

Yesterday, I realized that Mark is much more like Norm than I ever realized. For the record: He did nothing wrong (put away the baseball bats and pitchforks please). The details aren't as important as the lesson I learned. I had confirmation that we were in a situation that was similar to a part of their relationship I never want to emulate. It was just in the beginning phases and under COMPLETELY different circumstances, but it showed me traits in him that drove me crazy about my dad.

On the flip side I showed that I …