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The Catch the Lobster Game

I want you to imagine a lobster tank like the one they have at Red Lobster. Now I want you to picture this same tank in a big red case with a drop down claw, money slots and a joy stick. Had you told me this existed, I would not have believed you. However, some things just cannot be made up.

Yes one of our venues has one of these. Seriously, it is just like a toy machine but with lobsters. I knew they had this, but I had never actually witnessed it in use until last night. I arrived to find a group of men standing around it feeding dollar bills into it like it was the coolest thing ever.

This brought up a few questions:
How high quality can these lobsters be?
In theory, if you win a lobster, they cook it for you on site. I'm not knocking the kitchen staff, but this is a bar so I'm not sure they are tWthe best ones to cook a lobster.
How do they feed the lobsters?
How do they get the dead ones out? I mean you can't cook them after they are dead the meat gets icky.
What happens i…