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Midterm Burn Out

I remember midterms from college. I know they were stressful, and may have pulled a couple all nighters. Still, I think midterms stress me out more now.

I work for a community college. Actually, I am the Coordinator for the Assessment Center. That means that students in Distance Education classes take their proctored midterms with us. That means working extra hours, figuring out our staffing, securing second rooms and all the other general planning. I'll put in at least 50 hours during midterm week. Typically it is more like 60 hours.

This semester is our first semester to require appointments. The students have to m. ake their appointment online. The way the software is set up, we cannot make it for them. We've emails students this information, but they still think they can just call or e-mail and we can help...but we can't.

That is just the tip of this semester's iceberg.

1)We set appointments based off of last year's numbers. So we have to adapt the appointment …