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I am living out of boxes.

Last weekend we put a huge dent in packing my apartment.

As a result, I am essentially living out of totes and boxes. It is exciting that we are so close to the move. I still have some things to pack (like the linens I washed Wednesday night...that are still in the laundry basket). Not only is most everything packed, most of my furniture has been relocated. It is great to be on target (e

Still, there are some awkward moments

Looking for a pair of shoes for work...and then finally realizing they are packedMy "place I put my keys" is no longer in place. Finding my keys can be a challenge.I am selling stuff on Craigslist, but it isn't moving.One of those items is an extra dining room table. We needed dining room chairs. I only had 2. We needed 4. We found the table and chairs for $50, but we had to take both. Now I have an extra table. I had a buyer that flaked out, so now I repost and wait. I am sort of in a holding pattern on packing until the table is gone because it take…