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With the regular television season almost over…what will you watch?

With season finales upon us, we venture into the summer television season. The summer season used to be a virtual wasteland of reruns, made for TV movies and other not so fun moments. Admittedly, network television doesn't do much better in this area now. Although, my Scrubs addiction we sparked by watching reruns over the summer, it isn't the same.
Yes some network channels try new programming. However, in most cases I'm just not interested. Cable programming is usually what gets attention from my DVR. What shows get your attention in the off season? What shows tend to get your attention? Will you watch television at all? In a time where I know I would rather enjoy being outside and being with my friends, I know I am pretty selective. Even if it is something I record and "watch" while I work, I want to be sure it is worth my time.

This off season I will be recording:
My Boys: Because I am constantly having moments where I am relating to PJ….like the better part o…

Huntington Park in San Francisco, CA is lovely this time of year

If wanted to enjoy the perfect spring day can only think of a few places I would want to be. Even with my allergies I would give anything a for few hours in my favorite places. One of these places is Huntington Park in San Francisco. I love Huntington Park. There is just something about a few hours here. It is a beautiful little park in the heart of the city. A huge mansion once stood on the spot, it was destroyed in the Earthquake and Fire. The land was given to the city, and it has been a park ever since. I love it because it is such a peaceful place.

The park is lined with beautiful trees and flowers. It has fabulous fountains and breathtaking views of the city. The park is surrounded by great buildings like the Flood Mansion, Grace Cathedral, and the Fairmount Hotel. You can watch the California Cable Car line roll by.

Even when the fog rolls in it is probably one of my favorite places to be.