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I'm all for celebrating the little victories

Today was the day I finished the retesting report. this may seem silly, but it has been a project that has kept me bogged down for over a week now. It took patience, attention to detail and a fair amount of computer geekiness to pull this off.

It was a pretty big project on its own. However, I do not have the luxury of being able to just focus on my projects. I am expected to still do all the in take and check out of our testers...and we are pretty much slammed from the time we open until the time I leave. I have to try and get my other work done between students and answering questions for advisors (on paperwork I'm not even supposed to know how to do...and I'm only half kidding). These projects that require concentration are nearly impossible at times. Still they have to be done.

I really did like this project. I was collecting data that proved that students who violated the 2 week wait rule to retest did worse than their peers who waited the full time. It also helped us id…