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Meet Zelda

On Wednesday we added a new member to our family. We adopted a 15 year old red lored amazon. We have named her Zelda. She is a very sweet bird and she is adapting to us pretty well.

She was bonded to the guy at her last home, so she bonded with Mark first. She is coming along with me though. She is still a little jealous when Mark pays attention to anyone else, but she is calming down quite a bit.

I spoke to the female at her old home gave one reason for giving her up and a name. The guy gave another, so we aren't sure of her back story. We do know that she has had it rough, but she is very well behaved, and her aggression and stress seem to be fading away as the days go on.

She is in quarantine in our room for now. The rest of the flock is not pleased by this, and is even less pleased that we have to spend time with her in another room. I have been trying to split my time between the 2 cages, or at least have someone out in the living room with them while I am training Zelda.�…