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It isn't a is a life bag

I do not just have a purse, I have a huge black bag. I carry my life in this bag. I am constantly on the go so this bag carries the day to day items, my lunch and anything else I need stowed through out the day.

Once I am home for the night, the bag is usually pretty "empty." However, it still houses more than most purses do on a regular basis. If you can judge a woman by what she has in her handbag, I wonder what my contents say about me.Hair brush
I have long hair, so having this with me is a necessary evil.Lip Gloss: at least 5 varieties
I have everything from Dr Pepper Lip Smackers to MAC to Sephora brands in there. I'm not sure why I keep my whole lip gloss collection in there, but it seems to make sense. I'm rarely seen without it, so having it on me 24/7 works for meWallet
It has the money, ID, debit card and other needed itemsCan of diet dr pepper
I meant to drink it at work today. However, I just got a little busy and totally spaced that I had it.Various…