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perhaps I shouldn't be allowed to text

I reached out to a friend  today 1) selfishly because I was feeling down and this friend typically makes me feel better and 2) non-selfishly because something in my subconscious was making me worry (btw: it doesn't take much to make me worry these days...add anxiety to my not sleeping or eating coping mechanism). I didn't think the conversation was really going to go anywhere (or that my friend even wanted to talk to me), but over a couple hours and a few texts it became a semi serious talk.

Then I inadvertently hit send on a thought I wasn't even sure I wanted to send (damn touchscreen). Was it sound advice? Yes. Was it unselfish advice? Yes. Do I honestly think that it was advice said friend might need to hear? um...not exactly...ish.  I was trying to speak to my own fear...and somehow inferred my friend had the same fear. Yeah...classic move made by the Jen camp.

Almost 2 hours later and there has been no return text, so all I can do is speculate on the actual reaction…