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Requirement #1 for a good day: sunshine

Little things can make my day amazing
no brainer...a little sun shine makes it all better
warm birdie feet
Warm feet on a cockatiel = happy birds
At least 5 blogs written
It means I am being productive. The more I write the better my writing becomes and the more content I have out on the net.
Good fiction Ideas
I'm working on my next novel. Once I get into a good flow I can be writing for hours.
Diet Dr Pepper
Caffeine always makes things better
Spending time with family and friends
How can spending time with people who love yo for who you are not be awesome?
getting to work from home
How I would love to work: My couch, my laptop, my fids and plenty of good working music

I go from Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL frequently

I've always had dreams about being a big city girl. I live in Indy, but I aspire to live somewhere bigger. I love Chicago. The winters suck...but the shopping, atmosphere and the variety make it my second favorite city. I love spending time up there. I do not get out there as much as I would like, but I love the time I get to spend there.

Even if I have to settle for a hotel out by O'Hare, I still have a wonderful time. I always find interesting people, stores,cafes and places to spend my time. I actually feel like I fit in there better than I do here. I want to be able to call a bigger city my home someday, until then I will just have to treasure my time there.