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The Hardest Part

This weekend brought up a lot of memories and emotions from over the past year. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be (that still doesn't mean my emotions weren't all over the place and that Pink's Who Knew...a song I sing all the freaking time..didn't make me cry like a baby in my car).

These things are true (and suck)

I miss my mom. Yes, we had our moments (lets just call those my "teenage years") and I still find things she has done that make me very angry. Still, those are things we just have to forgive and deal with. She can't ever be replaced.I miss my child/parent relationship with my dad.He will always be my dad, but that dynamic is gone. Now I worry about things like if he has pants that fit (he loses weight like it is his job), if we have money to pay his bills, and I worry about his health. I feel badly for not getting to see him as much as I would. He doesn't want me to give up my life and move back to Ohio, so I have to make…