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Taming Of The Amazon

The newest addition to our family is coming along quite well.  She really is a sweet and well behaved bird. The people at Bird Fever were amazed at how sweet she is.

The two of us get along fine...well until Mark walks in the room. She was bonded with the guy at her last home and has bonded with Mark.  She literally swoons when he walks in the room.  Of course that means she is jealous of me.  Last Saturday she flipped out when I woke him up for breakfast. She will bite at me if he is near.  We will go from cuddles and head scratches to me being the source of all evil as soon as he enters the room.

We are working on this, but it is a process. I am not sure of all of her past, but I think a female has hit her (not in her last home) and that is part of the issue.

Last night, Mark worked his second job.  Monday I let her stay up until he got home (as I wasn't home until late too), but last night he was going to be a bit later.  After a great night (head scratches, playing, treats, sh…