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Tony Packo's Cafe has good cheap eats

When I was in high school, we were always looking for a place to eat that was on our budget and was just a fun place to be. I had been going to Tony Packo's with my family, but when it was my money and with my friends it took on a whole new life. Tony Packo's is a Hungarian Restaurant on the East side of Toledo. While admittedly that neighborhood isn't exactly the place people flock to...or that Toledo is exactly a tourist attraction, if you are in the area this is well worth the stop.

The food is great. It tastes great and it is all filling. You can get a Hot Dog Combo (one packo's dog, bowl of soup or chilli, and a personal favorite is the paprikas) for under $10. This will fill up most normal people. I don't even like regular hot dogs, but the Tony Packo's dogs, sauce and cheese just make me happy.

If you want to split an appetizer, I recommend the deep fried pickles. Tony Packo's has great pickle mixes.Normally deep fried pickles aren't on…

I find Lack of Personal Responsibilty offensive

There are few things in this world that really turn me off. People who can't seem to use common sense and those who can't be bothered to read make the list. However, there is one thing that offends me more than all the others.
Lack of Personal Responsibilty
If you make a mistake, do something wrong, hurt a person or some other thing that has negative consequences: Take responsibility for it.

One thing that will always turn me off is when people refuse to or just seem oblivious to the consequences they create. Be a grown up. Take responsibility. If you made a choice that has hurt someone, then be sensitive to that hurt.

This is just a temporary stop...there are much better things to come

Life takes some interesting twists and turns. I am where I am today because of the choices I have made and the circumstances that I have encountered.

Some of the situations were positive situations that have encouraged me and helped me move forward. Others have been disappointments I have dealt with and used to help me grow. There have even been negative situations that have torn me down. However, I am choosing to learn from them and take steps to never let them happen again.

My life is not awful, but I know that I want more. I know that this is just a temporary stop in my life. I am going to enjoy the stop and deal with the happiness and the heartache as it comes. I am also looking forward to the moment when I know the next step is here and this time nothing is going to stop me from moving on.

A Letter to My Sprint Stalkers

Dear Sprint—

We have been doing business for six years now. Now we had our differences while I was still part of that family plan, but the past four years have been pretty good.
I have had good luck with your phones. I have not had any major issues with your customer service. I really do love your Simply Everything Plan. It has saved me money and worry about my texting and data charges. I even have had success with your cell coverage. Really, I have no major complaints in this area.
Here is where things get hinky. My two year contract was up in March. I had hoped that by the time my contract ended you guys would have at least one of the new Blackberry phones. However, that was wishful thinking. You have been so obsessed with the Palm Pre launch, that you have totally ignored your Blackberry customers. I want the Curve 8900…you do not have it nor do you know if or when you will get it.
I know that when my 2 year contract was fulfilled, I was now eligible to get a new phone just like I was …

I disappear

A little fun with photoshop