A Letter to My Sprint Stalkers

Dear Sprint—

We have been doing business for six years now. Now we had our differences while I was still part of that family plan, but the past four years have been pretty good.

I have had good luck with your phones. I have not had any major issues with your customer service. I really do love your Simply Everything Plan. It has saved me money and worry about my texting and data charges. I even have had success with your cell coverage. Really, I have no major complaints in this area.

Here is where things get hinky. My two year contract was up in March. I had hoped that by the time my contract ended you guys would have at least one of the new Blackberry phones. However, that was wishful thinking. You have been so obsessed with the Palm Pre launch, that you have totally ignored your Blackberry customers. I want the Curve 8900…you do not have it nor do you know if or when you will get it.

I know that when my 2 year contract was fulfilled, I was now eligible to get a new phone just like I was a new customer as long as I agreed to another two year contract. I have now explained to three different employees that I do not know what I want to do at this point. I am happy with my Pearl for now. I want the new Curve. You don't have it. So I can hold out and wait for you to get it, or I can go to another provider.

This is what your employees need to get: Now I know you have not given me a reason to jump ship. You have treated me well, but if you cannot give me the product I want I need to explore my options. I think you chose the wrong phones to put all of your energy into. Even after I have told your employees I have a Blackberry and I want to stay with the Blackberry they tell me all about the Instinct and the Palm Pre. I have heard horrendous reviews of Instinct. I'm sure Palm is a great product I just have no interest in it. Even after I tell them no to both of those, they keep pushing them.

Here is the deal, I get that when I didn't run out and buy a new phone and sign a new contract immediately a follow up call was a good idea. Three follow up calls, two emails, and now a letter is a little over kill. I haven't made my final decision yet, but this continual harassment is making the other provider I am considering more attractive.

The bottom line is why would I want to commit to being your customer for two more years if you cannot give me what I want?


Anonymous said…
Sprint is getting the blackberry niagara sometime during the 3rd quarter. I don't think they are getting the curve 8900.
well I will believe it when I see it. the Niagara would be my second phone choice...but again do I want to wait until "sometime in the 3rd quarter" for a new phone and in the interim how many times will Sprint try to get my to buy something I don't want

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