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How I feel today

While I am VERY grateful for my full time job (despite the fact it is driving me crazy and I really do want to write and work fom home, I'm lucky to have steady income and benefits) but this morning just grinds my gears a little.

1) It is one of those dead Saturdays. I was telling a friend last night that we have 2 kind sof Saturdays here. Ones that are insane and ones that are dead. This is one of the dead ones. the bad thing is the dead weeks out number the crazy weeks, BUT the crazy weeks happen frequently enough there is no way they will take Saturdays away.

2) That being said, even with the low amount of students today has been interesting. Did i mention we had a tornado drill at 9:00 this morning. I evacuated my lab, and then just for kicks stuck my head out into the lobby to see if whomever was evacuating the lobby needed help...and there ws no one doing that! I ran out there and managed to herd those students into the back hallway.

3) Banner, our new Student Inform…

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