Reruns of 'Moonlight' still hold up

I'm still mourning the loss of this show. I think had the writer's strike not happened this show may ave survived at least one more season.

Twin Peaks is Twin Peaks...dark and twisted...need I say more

Poltergiest the Legacy
It takes place in San Francisco...and it i generally fun to watch. Although I have come to the conclusion I only really like Alex and Nick and sometimes Kat. Rachel is annoying, Derek is pretentious, and don't even get me started on Kristen. All are fine actors, but the characters bug me.

Blood Ties
Great show. Cheesy FX. Amazing chemistry with the actors. Best episode: The "groundhog day"episode where Vicki keeps reliving the same day w/ Pandora's Box

I am Daria...need I say more

Pre-Agent Doggett episodes only...Favorite Episode: The vampire one with Luke Wilson.

Old school only please.

Law and Order CI
Eames and Goren episodes only.

Great show. Mark Harmon is awesome, and Abby is my hero.

Warehouse 13
It is a new show, but I always find something new each time I watch it.


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