Indy Idol Week

Indy Idol Week One

Well we are officially through the first week of tryouts...and so far it has been interesting.

Bently's: We only had 2 people tryout and apparently the manager double booked the venue AND Dave Matthews was in I am hopeful that we have a better turn out next Saturday.

Majors and Britton: A major difference. We have some good competition at both locations.

I love judging. I have always loved music. I finally get to use all that Keynote training on performance and stage presence. I like being out and using some of that useless knowledge in my head.

The downside:

Judging people I don't particularly care for fairly. I'm sorry if you pursued and stole my friend's Boyfriend, or are a huge attention monger who threw a temper tantrum that kept me awake all night via e-mails to my phone...and this in recent memory it is hard to not be a little biased.

Bad servers: My food is comped, but I still plan on tipping you until you, so please actually wait on me.

Ok this is just me being silly...retina damage from the lights

I'm looking forward to what next week brings. Hopefully, we get more talented singers to add to the mix!


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