Last Week

Last week wasn’t bad. It was just exhausting. I didn’t realize how much I had on my plate. Late registration is tiring enough. Add to it my other jobs and it is a recipe for disaster.
Just look at this:
Monday: Worked 8-5 home, tanned, cooked, worked on job leads until 1, but couldn’t sleep. I was up until 4
Tuesday: Worked 8-5, ran home, changed clothes, grabbed stuff, ran to Bucky’s, shot pictures for Indy Idol finals until 1, home, “lost cell phone” aka put it on my nightstand and then couldn’t remember where I put it.
Wednesday: Worked 8-11:30. Went home. Worked on editing photos, posting photos, web design and blogging until 2
Thursday: Worked 8-5. Came home, cooked, worked on blogging and job leads, went to Bucky’s and worked until 3.
Friday: worked 8-5. Worked at home until 2:30
Saturday: When I left for work, I was thinking about the 2 e-mails I had received from P3 people, and ended up (totally legally and safely turning north on Meridian instead of south like I needed to. Worked 7-1, Grocery shopped, and worked from home until 6:15. Then I wrangled Weddnesday from behind the TV and went to judge Idol tryouts at Bently’s…until 3ish. Went home changed clothes and remember nothing else until late Sunday morning. I was exhausted.
Sunday I recovered, but it was a long time coming. To be truthful, this will be my life for a while. Now with Idol tryouts, my life is going to be hopping from time to time.
I agree that when I am exhausted…things aren’t fabulous. However, trying to stay calm and keep the drama out of it helps.


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