Omitted-- A long forgotten fiction intro

A while back I was about writing this piece about a girl falls for her best friend's hospice social worker only to find out he has a girl friend. Well then my mood and perspective changed. I kept the basics of the storyline, but I changed some of the darker elements. That being said, I had already written a killer intro for a story that just isn't going anywhere right now.

This may seem a little obvious, but since I have been misunderstood before:

**DISCLAIMER** The following was written as FICTION. Yes some of the observations are spot on, but they are being applied to a totally made up situation. **End Disclaimer**

No you never lied. I never asked. However, you omitted something, well a few things that are deal breakers. I’m not surprised you broke my heart. It was bound to happen sometimes. I always wondered what you saw in me, and how long it would take before you would grow tired. I was ready for that to happen. I was not ready to find out you had a girlfriend and that is why you acted so strangely around me. I was not prepared for that.

Every person we get attached to as an impact on our lives. Whether it be a friendship or a relationship, each person gets a piece of our heart. The downside is each time we lose that connection, that person walks away with that piece of our heart. The shard they walk away with leaves a big gaping hole. They may return someday, and return what they have taken from us. In Some cases it will be like nothing has ever changed. In others, the piece isn’t the same. It doesn’t fit right. This person is back in your life, but your bond can never be repaired. Other people carelessly throw away the piece they take away. They abandon the gift you gave them.

Some people think that time heals these wounds. They say that over time the pain will go away and the holes left behind will be filled with new friends and relationships. Others of us do not think time heals all wounds. It may heal most of them. Yes we will meet new friends and move into new phases of our lives that bring us great joy. We do find new friends. We do move on with our lives. Some of the pain is taken away by the new people in our lives, but a gaping hole still remains. Time only makes us forget the initial pain, but it is still there. The holes in our heart long to be filled, but nothing we seem to find fits. On occasion we do find something that we think will fit the bill. It seems like it will be exactly what we are looking for. However, instead of being the long term solution it is only a temporary fix. Instead of filling the hole in our heart, we have just cover it with a band aid. It may feel like it is healing, but the band aid only last do long before it starts to peel away and we can see the damage hiding beneath. Sometimes when the band aid is ripped away we are left worse for wear than we were before.


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