Thoughts for a Monday

Thoughts for a Monday

Some are positive…some are just ponderings…but here is what is on the old mind this week:

1) I am lucky to have a good job (that may be slowing pushing me towards another level of insanity…but it works for now), business is good, and I have gained momentum on following up leads and working on big picture things. I just know that the next month or so is going to be rough. I need to start picking up little projects for spending money for Vegas. I need to stay focused when I am exhausted after a long day. I love how the fiction writing and business building is going, but I’m not taking on the little revenue generators like I should.

2) I need to remember to take *me* time…and to enjoy it. I love my side work. I treasure my time with my friends, but I need to remember to take some time for just me 

3) P3 is going into some crazy busy times. It should be interesting to see how things grow, morph and totally change in the coming months. I see many good things on the horizon! Stay tuned…I’ll have more details on that to come.

4) Late registration is upon us. Even as we are short staffed, I know that we will make it through. No matter how bad things get, we always find a way to land on our feet.

5) I’m not sleeping well. Between work, business, DJ/KJ work my brain is just not shutting off. The upside is that I am having some majorly creative moments and thoughts.

6) It is time to make another investment in the business. I’m definitely getting a netbook, and I am considering getting a new camera. I like my camera. It still takes great pictures and video. That is why I have been putting off getting a new one. I’ve had mine for about four years now, and I can’t seem to part with it. However, as the P3 web site grows and I venture more in to photography, I know I have to move forward. A friend has been letting me borrow hers, but I do have to give it back eventually. The netbook is a no brainer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my laptop, but it is a pain to cart from meetings and to shows (that I am not KJing…there isn’t enough RAM on one of those little babies to run Virtual DJ). I need something smaller I can take with me on the go and work in more places.

7) I am tan…yes like a real tan. It took a month and I had to start at 2 minutes in the bed (stupid sun allergy), but I actually have a good base tan. I still have to be careful in the sun, but it isn’t the “burned in less than a half hour” scenario it was summers past. My goal is not to be red and miserable in Vegas.

8) The birds are cranky and fighting…I better come up with 2 more things and call it a night…yet another reason I need a netbook with my fire hazard recalled battery not holding a charge and my ill planned bedroom set up working from my bed once the birds are “in bed” is no longer an option. Working in the dark is possible, but after a while it gets old.

9) I need to blog more. Even if they are little blogs, I need to get back into one a day. It is something that makes me think, makes me feel better , and it helps me put things in perspective.

10) In the past week, I have run the gambit of feelings. I have been conflicted, felt a kind of rage I have not felt in a long time, mourned the death of a co-worker, been happy for a friend’s healthy baby, been exhausted to the point of a migraine, felt loved, loved the people in my life, identified with a friend’s pain, felt a irrational loss over something that met its expiration date almost five years ago, hoped for my future, been discouraged, felt overwhelmed yet supported, and have been very introspective. All of it has brought me to now, where I am realistic but positive on where things are going and learning to be content as I pay my dues. I know that bad things will happen, but they never last long unless I choose to focus on them. It is time to move forward even if it is only at one step at a time.


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