Halloween is Awesome

Yes I celebrate Halloween. I celebrate big every year.

It may be an understatement to say I love Halloween. I am a huge Halloween fan. I love scary movies (even the cheesy ones), costumes, the decorations and pretty much everything that makes the holiday.

I'll admit I watch the cheesy horror movie marathons all month long. I decorate my office. I spend most of the month of September thinking up the perfect costume and how I am going to make it unique.

I used to be goth...deep down I probably still am one I just don't dress the part anymore. I'm already all about the bats, dark eye make up, fun clothes, and totally unsensable boots/shoes. This just gives me an excuse to wear it all.

My favorite part of the holiday is the creativity. I love challenging myself to come up an amazing costume,and I love seeing what others come up with. This year will be no different. The costume, shoes and accessories are bought. Now I am just trying to settle on the eye make up.

Each year I am sad when the day of the dead arrives and the Halloween season is over. I pack up the decorations and wait until I can start it all over again.

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