Another Week comes to a Close

Hello all! I'm actually following through with my new found game plan to post here with updates on MWF. I think it is actually working out well!

First we have the new posts:

We have new fun on Associated Content! Yes I'm getting back in gear and I plan to start submitting there regularly over the next few weeks. Out first push starts with a little educational piece on using Cha Cha: How To Use Cha Cha

Yes, many of you already know I am a crazy bird lady, but this week, my 18 year old cockatiel decided to get sassy with me. Well really he is sassy all the time, but this was unexpected:Of Course I hear Voices
The new Friday tradition continues over at Common Sense Police with this week's a week in review. Here are a few of the things that did not make the CSP blog, but I still felt were noteworthy. This week's isn't so ranty, but it has some good points: Random weekly ponderings

Novella News:

So I have it narrowed down to 3 main characters:
1) Callee
2) Jacob
3) Thomas

I've made these formerly main characters supporting:
1) Danny
2) Kimberly...who might be getting a name is pending

New Character Added:
1) Current Name: George-- Callee's father's former assistant who run her father's bar

Yes, her father owns a bar now...and I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate him more.

BBB Update.

So there is a new development in my complaint against the Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center in Toledo. The clinic had 15 days to respond to the complaint, and they failed to respond. A second notice was sent, and they had until 10/14 to respond. Apparently the head vet called yesterday. The note on the online status form says: Dr. Kittzen clld and is going to fax a response as soon as she tt the treating doctor about the estimate charge.

Now again my initial reaction was to launch into rant mode...what estimate charge. I was NEVER given an estimate and I was NEVER asked if I was okay with the can see where this is going. Instead I am going to wait until I know the official response is and maybe after getting some additional input from the case worker. although I suspect the case work really is n the side of the clinic since it is "an accredited member with no complaints against it in the past 36 months." I'm hoping to have the response by the end of the day today. You would think the lead vet wouldn't wait until Monday...but eh it could happen.


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