Halloween Costume Shopping Blues (for BIG girls )

Every year, I love and dread picking out my Halloween costume.

Of course the first step is picking out *what* I want to be. This year it was easy. I didn't get a costume last year because of Adam and Kelsey's wedding falling on the weekend of all the parties. Still, I picked my character, and I have been looking forward to it for a year. Little Red Riding Hood it is...and my boyfriend has been decided to play along and go the  couples costume route. It is going to be awesome.

Then it is the sorting through all the options and finding a costume that is cute, but not too...ummmm skanky.
Once I have been successful, then it is on to accessorizing the costume (hair extensions, props, gloves, hosiery).

This girl needs a longer skirt than most cute costumes offer and low cut is acceptable, but there are limits.
Then there is picking the right size. This year I ordered a size up figuring I would rather have to take it in than be spilling out in all the wrong places. I have had to take it in a little already, but it is worth it to know it will fit properly.

Ladies here is my rant: If you want to be sexy for Halloween, knock yourself out.

However, know your size. Know what cuts and styles flatter your figure and hide the areas you aren't as fond of.  I personally am a fan of the underbust corset type costumes. In my case, it helped with my costume being too big (and having some non sewing adjustment options). Also it cinches up the mid section...which is nice. If you have great legs, show off your legs. If your thighs are like mine, keep them tastefully covered.

Also be aware of where you will be wearing said costume. Are you going to the bar? Are you going to a kid friendly party? Just keep things appropriate for where ever you will be celebrating.


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